About Social Welfare & Human Protection

Association For Social Welfare & Human Protection is state government registered in 2019. Our Dynamic National President Mr. Rajesh Khumbhare and National Vice President Mr. Tejas Parmar and our National Team and they serve the people to get justice. Our Head Quarters is based at Nagpur and Branch office is located at Vasai West.A few souls have gathered here with a reason and dedicate their time for social work and legal fight for Human Rights and reaching out to those human who are in need to get justice, irrespective of their caste, creed and status. Every Human Being has rights to live their life with freedom and justice as per Constitution of India. Association For Social Welfare & Human Protection are voluntary organizations. we are free from governmental control in their functioning. They are democratic and open to all those wishing to become member of the organization voluntarily and serve the society.

Our trustees / post holders and members are people from the different region. We know the needs and priorities of the communities which we serve by honesty and nobility. Social Welfare is an organization that fights for Human Rights. We help the people who do not get justice from Police Station / Nagarpalika / Governments and empowers disabled person / women’s from the underserved areas developing their skills, capacity & providing them a sustainable livelihood.

Association For Social Welfare & Human Protection is an acronym that stands for Non-Governmental Organization. They are neither a part of government nor the private sector. There is no focus on power over people or becoming wealthy through working at an NGO. Association For Social Welfare & Human Protection strive to better the world and help the less fortunate. Association For Social Welfare & Human Protection reach those community as national and international and help those thousands of miles away.